Amy Reichbach

Amy Reichbach is a divorced Jewish lesbian mom and LBBC Young Advocate who lives in Boston with her 8 year-old daughter. She was diagnosed with stage IIB ER, PR, HER2-positive breast cancer in February 2013 at the age of 38, 6 months after her then-wife of 8 years (partner of 14) had announced she was leaving. Since then, Amy has had multiple surgeries (lumpectomy, single mastectomy and breast reduction, tissue expanders, DIEP flap reconstruction, and multiple revisions); chemo and radiation; a nasty divorce; a job change; an ovarian cancer scare; a lymphedema diagnosis; and, on the bright side, several girlfriends and lots of dates. Amy is looking forward to chatting with you about breast cancer and sexuality, dating with scars, and the joys of Lupron and AIs.


Blog Stories June 12, 2015