Kyna was diagnosed with stage IIB breast cancer in August 2016. She had a simple mastectomy to remove the right breast that September. After, she learned that the cancer had traveled to her lymph nodes. Kyna then had chemotherapy from October 2016 through January 2017. She had implant reconstruction of the right breast, along with a breast reduction and lift of the left breast, in February 2017, followed by radiation therapy.

The day after radiation ended, Kyna says, “I finally accepted the fact that my marriage of 10 years was over, and I moved into the guest room.”

In May 2017, she started dating again – and what an adventure it has been. She likes to joke that “even though I have one tot, I'm still hot.” In all, dating after 10 years of marriage with the added challenge of breast cancer has been, she says, “both terrifying and exhilarating.”

Kyna loves to knit, paint, and go on hikes with her new boyfriend “while reluctantly wearing my TED [thrombo-embolic-deterrent] hose.”