Michelle Hauser-Wallace

Michelle Hauser-Wallace was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer at the age of 43. She had four rounds of AC chemotherapy, followed by 12 rounds of paclitaxel and four rounds of carboplatin. Five months later, she was diagnosed with metastatic disease. After being diagnosed with metastatic disease, she entered a clinical trial of eribulin and pembrolizumab.

In May 2017 Michelle started experiencing severe side effects and left the trial. She is now between treatments and unsure what her next treatment will be. Still, she says, “I still look at my glass half full. I am blessed with a beautiful family – a husband, three sons aged 16, 11, and 9, and a sweet chocolate lab.”

Michelle now spends much of her time pursuing breast cancer advocacy and education and remodeling her older home. She is a current LBBC Hear My Voice volunteer and serves on a policy committee and a planning committee for the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition.


Blog Stories March 23, 2018