Keneene Lewis

Support Services Coordinator

As LBBC’s Support Services Coordinator, Keneene is the point person for Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund, Reading for Reassurance, and Breast Cancer Helpline. My role interacts with those people who have been affected by breast cancer who may need support in one way or another.

My inspiration for my work at LBBC: I am able to interact with people at a time when their lives is unrecognizable. During our interaction, I want to provide a listening ear or a word of encouragement. During my treatment, I knew this was the work that I needed to do, going forward with my life. I could be passionate and present as I meet people where they are and supporting them the way that they would like to receive support.

Keneene found her lump December 7, 2018 while getting ready for a holiday party. In that moment she knew that it was cancer. She was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, stage III, ER/PR+ in January 2019. After a lumpectomy, 7 months of chemotherapy, and 33 rounds of radiation, she is free of disease and celebrated her first cancer-versary October 30, 2019. Keneene understands that this is a marathon, and not a sprint. She understands that life is forever change, both mentally and physically, by a cancer diagnosis.

Keneene obtained her Master of Arts in Education with a concentration on Adult Education and Training from the University of Phoenix during her treatment. Her background is 12 years in higher education recruiting and admissions. Other areas of experience include customer service, database management, and cloud-based software client analyst.

She is a proud Baddie Ambassador with For The Breast Of Us and an Advocacy Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Center for Public Policy. Her focused has been on using her voice to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves. A personal mission of Keneene’s has been to bring awareness to health disparities & biases that women of color have to face once diagnosed with breast cancer.

Keneene currently resides in Marietta, GA; originally from Grand Rapids, MI. She is a divorced single proud mother of her daughter, Kalista. In her free time, Keneene likes to host game nights, dancing, reading, listening to music, enjoying great company over great food and conversation.