Terri Coutee

Terri Coutee has had breast cancer twice, and had a successful DIEP flap breast reconstruction in December of 2014.  She is currently the founder and director of the nonprofit DiepCJourney Foundation, which supports women and men across the globe with information about breast reconstruction options after mastectomy due to breast cancer or gene mutation. Ms. Coutee offers personal support, counsel, educational programs, and resources about the planning, surgery, and recovery from all types of breast reconstruction.

Ms. Coutee has been featured on National Public Radio speaking with her breast surgeon about the process of mastectomy through reconstruction. She has written articles featured in numerous publications and is an advisory board member for the Cancer Knowledge Network.  She was a nominee for the Patients of Courage Award from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is a Project LEAD graduate. A strong patient advocate across social media platforms, she shares evidence-based research that emphasizes the shared decision-making process in breast cancer and breast reconstruction.  Her foundation has achieved the Gold Star Seal of Transparency on Guidestar.  Ms. Coutee blogs about her experience at DiepCJourney.com.