Jamil Rivers

Jamil is chief financial offer at EducationWorks, a nonprofit organization that provides academic support and enrichment programming in Philadelphia. Her skills span a number of industries, and she is experienced in financial management and analysis, strategic planning, and risk management. She is founder and CEO of The Chrysalis initiative in Philadelphia, which seeks to address breast cancer disparities and breast health inequities through patient support, provider education, and barrier intervention.   

Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at age 39, Jamil is grateful for the resources and support she has received from Living Beyond Breast Cancer. As a board member, she uses her professional and personal experience living with the disease to support people of color and people being treated for metastatic breast cancer. Jamil participated in LBBC’s Young Advocate Program and she is the founding chair of LBBC’s Black Breast Cancer Advisory Council. She received the Donna Noce Colaco Going Beyond Award from LBBC in 2020. She has extensive advocacy experience with several organizations, including as board president of METAvivor.


Media: Video
June 15, 2021