Josephine Rizo

Josephine Rizo is 39 years old and a single mother of three amazing children: her 17 year old son in his senior year of high school; her 11 year old daughter; and her 5 year old baby boy.

Josephine was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and tested positive for a BRCA1 gene mutation at the age of 37, just two months after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Her mother’s diagnosis was stage IV. Jospehine is currently her mom’s caregiver, in addition to working as a case manager for pharmaceutical company processing re-enrollments for an oncology medicine.

Jospehine says, “My heart has always been in the medical field and now, being touched by cancer, I feel my direction is moving forward with cancer awareness. I am now advocating as a volunteer for LBBC and sharing the knowledge learned through this hard time. Cancer has been a part of my life more now than ever, but will not stop me from living life to its fullest. I’m happy to share I’m currently a 13-month breast cancer survivor since [the date of] my surgery!”