#BeyondTheBreast Resources

On Monday, March 26, Living Beyond Breast Cancer volunteers from our fall 2017 Hear My Voice program and others impacted by metastatic breast cancer will use the hashtag #BeyondTheBreast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share photos, facts about metastatic breast cancer, and personal stories from women and men impacted by the disease to help more people understand how stage IV breast cancer is different than early-stage disease. 

Join us and raise your voice! Take a photo of yourself with one of the signs below, tell your story of how you've been impacted by metastatic breast cancer or share a story of one of the Hear My Voice volunteers with your network.   

There are two ways to participate:
1) Share YOUR Experience

Take a selfie with one of the below signs. If you don’t have access to a printer: Post a selfie with #BeyondTheBreast written on your hand, a piece of paper, or as a post sticker! Be as creative as you want to be!

Post your selfie on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter and: 

  • Include your story: Share as little or as much about your experience with metastatic breast cancer as you like.
  • Tag Living Beyond Breast Cancer on Facebook @LivingBeyondBreastCancer, Twitter @LivingBeyondBC and Instagram @LivingBeyondBC
  • Tag your friends: Tag at least 5 people in your post and encourage them to get involved by sharing your story and taking a selfie with a sign and posting it. 
  • Use our hashtag #BeyondTheBreast on your post

2) Share THEIR ExperienceIf you don't already, follow LBBC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share or re-tweet the personal stories that we feature throughout the day.

Thanks for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Albano at jalbano@lbbc.org