6 Tips for Reaching Your Team Fundraising Goal

Does your Reach & Raise team need some fresh ideas for fundraising this year? Team Bee-Yond Breast Cancer has some exciting ways to expand and maximize your efforts.

team.beyond2 Lavender eye pillows, bracelets and necklaces that we sold.


  1. DIY: Get out your glue gun, beads, sewing machine, or cookie sheets and get creative. Our team fundraising has been energized this year with several handmade items being sold by team members. Some examples are jewelry, homemade cookies and lavender eye pillows. Ask your yoga studio if you could sell the items in the studio, and advertise your items on social media.

2. Independent Consultants: If you are an independent consultant or have a friend who might be willing to get involved in a good cause, the options for in-home or online parties are almost endless. Once you have a contact, ask if they would be willing to donate a portion of their earnings from a party. Then, host a jewelry, candle, bag, or make-up party with a predetermined percentage of the sales to be donated.

3. Dine for Dollars: Many local and chain restaurants are willing to hold fundraising nights. Invite the team as well as their friends, families and coworkers to enjoy a relaxing night out to raise money for LBBC—and no dirty dishes!

4. Barefoot Ball: The Barefoot Ball is our team’s favorite fundraiser. It’s a donation-based yoga class. The team enjoys a night out as a community. It’s also a great night for new faces to come out to give yoga a try. It offers an opportunity for mini-fundraisers the night of the event (basket auctions or sales of DIY items). Best of all, donations from the evening go directly to the team total.


5. Spread the Word: Share the link to your team or personal page on social media to ask for donations from online supporters. Talk about the vision and mission of LBBC. Send out some personalized emails asking for contributions. Place a jar in the break room at work with some information about how the funds are used to support those with breast cancer.

6. Grow Your Team: As your team grows, the potential to reach or exceed you goal increases. Encourage team members to recruit friends to join the team. Promote your team as family-friendly (children ages 5-18 can register for only $10). These are just a few ideas to get your Reach and Raise team moving in the right direction--toward achieving its goal. What other ways has your team found to successfully reach its goal?

Written by: Laurie McGuire, member of Team Bee-Yond Breast Cancer and Instructor at Bee Inspired Yoga.

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