Don’t be Freaked out About Fundraising!

May 5, 2016

Ok, so you’ve signed up for Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Reach and Raise event being held on May 15 on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You went online, registered, and then here it comes, Time to Start Fundraising!

Let me share some fundraising tips from what my home studio, Pink Lotus Yoga in Swedesboro New Jersey, is doing. Currently, we're promoting a donation-based class series. The first class was a chanting, meditation and gentle/restorative yoga class. We then offered a “Move to the Groove,” where we practiced an energizing vinyasa accompanied by acoustic guitar. The third class offered was a self-care/compassion workshop lead by an art therapist.

We also sent an email asking for assistance to create raffle baskets. Our powerful community responded with amazing baskets filled with products that we displayed in the studio. People loved having the opportunity to purchase tickets for a chance to win.

How can you create something equally inspiring resulting in generous donations? It’s really not that difficult, you just have to be mindful.

Pink Lotus Yoga is an amazing community filled with beautiful souls containing a plethora of talent and resources. This was my starting point. I reflected on what was available to me. We have a lovely instructor who has a beautiful voice. She plays guitar and has a network of friends who practice kirtan. They all came together to lead a restorative yoga class with several other instructors specializing in mediation and restorative yoga.

Our studio also has an instructor whose husband plays guitar. She teamed up with a dynamic vinyasa instructor to create “Move to the Groove.” Lastly, one of our clients is an art therapist. We simply asked her if she would like to offer her time, talent and compassion to our studio. This was a no-brainer for her – absolutely! Our studio set a price for these classes and our clients were more than willing to generously give and at the same time participate in a mindful, purposefully planned class.

Tips on becoming mindfully and creatively inspired:

  • Reflect on the resources that are available to you. Use these resources to your advantage. Brainstorm with talented friends/studio owners and instructors.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask. Come right out and say, “Is there someone willing to donate his/her time, talent and energy to hold a donation based class?”
  • Think! Can you do something a little extra to entice people while they are having fun being blissed out with an open wallet? You can start with a basket raffle.
  • Know the source that you are fundraising for. Share your experience with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, its amazing yoga event and valuable resources benefitting those affected by breast cancer.

Now you have nothing to be freaked out about, right? I hope I got your wheels turning and your creative juices flowing on ways you can ignite your network and start fundraising. I hope to see you on the steps May 15!

Written by Peggy K. Dyer, Reach and Raise Team Captain for Pink Lotus Content Warriors.

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