Get [on brand] with us. (Part 3)

Lisa Weinberger is the founder of Masters Group Design, a full-service visual communication studio with comprehensive strategic branding capabilities. In the first and second parts of her contribution to Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s 25th Anniversary Blog Series, Lisa explained how her agency has helped define and strengthen LBBC's brand identity through her team’s amazing use of design and graphics. Here’s the wrap-up to her series.

MGD was excited to lead the Living Beyond Breast Cancer's rebranding process leading up to their 25th Anniversary. Like all things LBBC, it was a collaborative effort that engaged the community at large, volunteers, stakeholders, staff and management. Everyone had a voice. Through meetings, surveys and branding exercises. we broadened our understanding of the power and impact of the organization and the logo that represents it. We also learned about the need to more effectively communicate the unwavering and essential characteristics of LBBC: trusted, supportive, inclusive and compassionate.

For weeks, a prolific and intense concepting phase was underway at MGD’s studio. It yielded many options, including some that referenced LBBC’s longtime butterfly icon and others that sharply departed from it. Threading together the entire creative process was a focus on LBBC’s distinctive character and on creating a logo that could inspire hope.

What emerged was a matured identity for the organization.

 New Picture

The new logo is a symbol of connection—connection to a community, to expert information, to a network of support. The graphic shapes embrace one another in a trusted grip, communicating the reliable nature of LBBC and their partnership with those they serve. The graphic is accompanied by a name that boldly stands in all uppercase letters, with an emphasis on “Living Beyond” to communicate hope—that people are more than a breast cancer diagnosis.

The logo was released at the start of 2015. Since then, we’ve been hard at work—first to define a strong and cohesive visual identity, and then to deploy that identity across all LBBC communications.bbTwenty-five years ago, I came to understand how adrift one can feel when facing illness. Now, as LBBC celebrates 25 years, I have had the rewarding opportunity, along with my creative team, to help them deliver the lifelines of connection, information and support. We are huge cheerleaders for the good that LBBC does, and to be able to help craft that “good” into everything they produce is a great source of pride for us.

25th Badges

Congratulations to LBBC on reaching this significant milestone and for their persistence and passion in serving those affected by breast cancer.

Thank you for allowing us to design with you, for you.

25th Anniversary Mark

All of us at LBBC want to thank Lisa, Vicki and Benjamin, the team at Masters Group Design, for helping us through the years with your time, talent and generosity. You've helped make us the organization we are today! Stories for our 25th Anniversary Blog Series will be published throughout the year.  If you have a story you'd like to share about your history with LBBC that might be featured as part of our series, contact Kevin Gianotto by email at

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