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November 4, 2011

This entry was written by Jackie Roth, PhD. Jackie is a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who was diagnosed with Stage III A breast cancer at the age of 28. Every other Friday, throughout the entire year of 2011, Jackie will share a blog entry about her breast cancer experience. This year-long blog series is in honor of LBBC’s 20th anniversary.

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As fall approaches this year, I’ve noticed that I experienced October in a whole new way.  I experienced my first “Pinktober” as many of us like to call it.  Technically, because I was diagnosed one year and 4 months ago, this was my second “Pinktober.”  But last year I was in chemotherapy treatment through the fall and winter so I really did not get out much.  This year it’s a whole different story!  Pinktober was incredibly busy for me and I’ve gotten involved with many events.

I walked in a local fashion show at the Hard Rock Café in Philly.  This show was part of their Pinktober event and to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  They had fun pink decorations, raffle baskets, and a band at the event! 

Being a model for the evening turned out to be really fun.  I arrived at the Hard Rock about 2 hours before the show was scheduled to begin and I proceeded backstage.  When I entered through the door that said Models Only I felt completely lost!  I was surrounded by people running around getting hair and make-up done, while the rest tried on outfits.  Everyone was at least 5’10” so I got completely lost in the shuffle because I am just a mere 5-feet-tall!   

“When I got to the end of the runway I blew my husband a kiss!”

After I finally found my place and the designer that we were modeling, I met up with the four other survivors who were walking in the show.  I didn’t really know any of them so it was nice to have a few hours before the show to bond, swap stories and share some dinner.  We were called backstage once the show got underway, and we were given our scarves that we were modeling.  I felt pretty relaxed until we were told that we would have to play with the scarf on the runway and wear it a few different ways!  In addition, we had to switch scarves with each other while walking on this very skinny runway!  I knew I could handle the runway if I just had to walk down, but now this added stress of playing with the scarf was making me nervous – what if it got stuck and I couldn’t get it off! 

So the end of the show rolled around and we were sent up on stage one at a time.  And everything went just as planned.  We totally rocked the runway!  We went out there with smiles and had a great time.  It was great to see our friends and families in the audience cheering us on.   

I am truly thankful to have these wonderful opportunities to participate in these activities, but I am really looking forward to a non-pink November that is filled with movies on the sofa, sleeping in and delicious fall foods!

To read Jackie’s previous entries, enter “ Jackie Roth” in the search box on this site.

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