The New Normal

June 14, 2016

Karyn Williams participated in Writing the Journey, our writing workshop series for people affected by breast cancer. This poem, "The New Normal," was written during the workshop. Read her poems "The Bridge" and "Life to Live" on our blog.

karyn williams.jpg

Now there are days filled with wonder.
I wonder how long I have left to live,
I wonder what on earth to do,
I wonder if I'm right,
I wonder what the future holds.
the new normal.

I wonder if there really is a cure...
I wonder why they would hide it if there is.
I wonder if I should walk more, run more,
I wonder if I should grow kale.
the new normal.

I wonder if I should wish upon a star,
I wonder if dreams do come true.
I wonder about life and meaning.
I wonder what to believe, who to believe.
Faith, hope, doubt,
the new normal.

Karyn Williams, 59, is a mother of four children and has two grandchildren (and another on the way). She lives in Australia with her loving husband. Karyn was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2008. In 2014, she learned she had metastatic breast cancer in her lungs, liver, brain and spine. Karyn has been pleased to find support through online communities like those offered through Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

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