Tell Us Tuesday: Tips for Managing the Holidays During Treatment

December 22, 2017

On Tell Us Tuesday, we ask the Living Beyond Breast Cancer community to tell us about their experiences on a given breast cancer topic. We believe it's important to share your responses so others can learn from them.

Earlier this month, we asked: 











Here are your answers:  

1. Don't try to do everything 

2. Take it slow and don’t rush 

3. Learn to prioritize

4. Make a list and delegate 

5. Things don’t have to be perfect

6. Take naps

7. Drink plenty of fluids 

8. Pack snacks

9. Dress warm

10. Do your shopping online

11. Don’t stress about wrapping gifts 

12. Don’t stress about decorations

And last, but not least:

13. If people offer help, accept it  


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