Abby Lessack Caregiver Award

Amy and Abby Lessack

At Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC), we understand the importance of caregivers for those impacted by breast cancer. 

This annual award was inspired by Amy Lessack, an LBBC board member and longtime supporter who passed away in February 2021. In the weeks before her death from metastatic breast cancer, Amy approached LBBC with a request to honor her sister, Abby, who was Amy’s primary caregiver and ensured she lived out her life with dignity and grace. Amy’s wish was to celebrate and elevate the contributions of caregivers like her sister, whose stories are often left untold. 

Amy was very aware of the toll that breast cancer takes on not only those diagnosed with the disease, but also those who provide support during the journey. She recognized the vital role caregivers play in the lives of those diagnosed. To Amy, this award acknowledges the unsung heroes who act as caregivers, cleaners, medical advisors, drivers, cooks, therapists and, most importantly, companions. The award focuses a spotlight on each and every effort, whether taking the form of a grand gesture or a small act of kindness. Quite simply, for Amy, the award is an expression of gratitude.  - Abby Lessack

Award criteria

To be eligible for the Abby Lessack Caregiver Award, nominees must meet these criteria: 

  • Are caring or cared for a person with any stage of breast cancer. 
  • Can have any type of nonprofessional relationship with the person they are caring or cared for (partner, sibling, family member, friend, neighbor, loved one, co-worker, etc.). 
  • Are willing to share their caregiving story and photograph publicly to educate our community about the role and importance of caregivers. This may be through the LBBC community and various social media channels.  
  • Must live in the United States

Thank you for your interest in the Abby Lessack Caregiver Award. Nominations for 2022 are now closed. An external committee will review completed nominations and finalize their decision in August 2022.  

The caregiver selected to receive the award for 2022, will be honored at a virtual event this fall. More information to come.

For questions, contact Lynn Folkman Auspitz, Manager, Community Engagement at [email protected].

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Award Committee 

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Jenn Jageler

Abby Lessack

Esperanza Neu

Crystal Thompson

Donna Russo

Barbara J. Yorke

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