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If you are unable to attend the conference in person, you can still be a part of the community throughout the weekend via free live web streaming!

You can watch the live web streams on your computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection, sound and a quiet comfortable space to participate. See below for a list of sessions that will be presented via live web stream. 

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Saturday, April 6
9:40 - 11:00 a.m. (ET)Keynote Presentation: Will Metastatic Breast Cancer Ever Be Curable, and What Will it Take to Get There?
Angela DeMichele, MD, MSCE
The question of finding cures for metastatic breast cancer is omnipresent for everyone living with the disease and for those who care for them. Dr. DeMichele will discuss the complex issues related to curing cancer, including whether research should aim for cure or living with metastatic breast cancer as a chronic disease, or both; how close we are to curing metastatic breast cancer today; what exceptional responders  tell us about possible future breakthroughs for more people; and what promising approaches may help us get to a state of cure or chronicity in metastatic disease, or for people with some subtypes of the disease.

11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. (ET)Breakout Session: Medical Update: Hormone Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast CancerNeil Vasan, MD, PhDHormone receptor-positive metastatic breast cancers test positive for estrogen (ER-positive) or progesterone (PR-positive) receptors , or both, and often respond to anti-estrogen therapies. This session will detail approved and pipeline hormonal therapies, targeted therapies and chemotherapy regimens that are used in metastatic disease, as well as ways to manage common side effects.

2:00 - 3:15 p.m. (ET)Breakout Session: Bone MetsCatherine H. Van Poznak, MD, FASCOThe bones are one of the most common places breast cancer spreads, and many people with MBC face bone mets at some point during treatment. Learn about your treatment options, and discover ways to limit side effects, manage bone pain and maintain bone strength. Understand screening tests and get updates on clinical trials looking at new treatments and improving your quality of life.

3:45 - 5:00 p.m. (ET)Keynote Presentation: What Matters Most: Breathing in the Now
Kelly Grosklags, LICSW, BCD
Coping with uncertainty is part of living with metastatic breast cancer. In our afternoon keynote session, explore tools and awareness practices that can help you clarify what matters most to you. In a safe, supportive and understanding space, learn how to process and cope with the hellos and goodbyes of living with mets, get tips on what it means to heal rather than to cure, and find out how to bring mindful intention to caring for your mind, your body and your spirit.

Sunday, April 7
9:30 - 10:45 a.m. (ET)
Breakout Session: Research Close-Up: The Effect of Physical Activity on Cancer Treatment and OutcomesLee W. Jones, PhD
Learn about research into whether exercise can be used as a treatment for cancer. In Dr. Jones’s lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering, his team researches how exercise affects cancer growth or could affect the way the body responds to standard and new therapies. Find out how researchers use what they learn in the lab to design exercise clinical trials that test a certain dose of exercise in those most likely to benefit from it.

11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. (ET)Keynote Presentation: Living Well: Managing Symptoms and Side Effects
It’s a challenge to live fully with metastatic breast cancer while managing the symptoms of the disease and the side effects of treatment. Palliative care focuses on relieving your pain, symptoms and stress and can be part of your care as soon as treatment begins. During our closing keynote, hear about the value of adding palliative care to your care plan and gain strategies to manage common side effects like insomnia and fatigue, hot flashes, pain, depression and anxiety, memory issues, neuropathy, sexual problems, loss of appetite and weight gain.

NOTE: all web streamed sessions will also be available for automatic replay immediately following the live events.