2019 Conference Resources

Fueling ResiliencyJacci Thompson-Dodd, MA, MSSS, LASW

Research shows resilience can ease stress and improve life satisfaction among people diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers. But what does it really mean to be resilient? How do you sustain it? In this interactive talk, explore your inner resources for building resiliency, and discover practical ways to deploy these resources to reduce stress and increase well-being.

A Shared Effort: The State of Breast CancerJulie R. Gralow, MD, Daniel P. Silver, MD, PhD

Key advances in breast cancer research, testing, and treatment that have changed treatment options and decision-making. Through the insights of medical experts, gain a better understanding of how clinical trials advance the research agenda and lead to new treatments and methods to prevent disease, and the role you can take in clinical research. Together, we explore the greatest advances in breast cancer care and discuss how to move the research, care, and survivorship agenda forward in ways that honor your needs and experiences.

Sex and IntimacyMonique Gary, DO, MSc, FACS

Breast cancer treatments can impact your sexual function, your interest in intimacy, and the way you experience your body after diagnosis. In this session, explore medical and practical methods to overcome these challenges and learn new ways to increase comfort, connect to your sensual self and communicate changing needs with your partner.

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Medical UpdateSteven J. Isakoff, MD, PhD

As someone diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, you may have specific concerns about treatment options, chemotherapy side effects and risk of recurrence. During this session, explore your unique needs, gain insight into promising new research and learn how you can influence the future of care for people with triple-negative disease.



Managing Side Effects of Hormonal and Targeted TherapiesLori Ranallo, RN, MSN, APRN-BC, CBCN

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Part of following your treatment plan is managing side effects caused by these medicines. This workshop will help you understand the common side effects of targeted and hormonal therapies and provide effective strategies to prevent or lessen them. Joint pain, hot flashes, fatigue, bone loss, sexual changes and nausea are just some of the common side effects we will discuss.

Eating a More Plant-Based DietAlison Tierney, MS, RD, CD, CSO

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Many people struggle with adding more plant-based foods to their diet. Join this session to hear about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet, gain strategies to incorporate more plant-based foods into your everyday routine, and get tips and tools for cooking and shopping to make meal planning as simple and affordable as possible. Please note that this session will also be repeated in Breakout Session Two for your convenience.

Newly Out of Treatment: What Now?Evelyn Robles-Rodriguez, DNP, APN, AOCN

“What now?” If you’ve recently finished primary treatment for breast cancer and have asked yourself that very question, this workshop is for you. Explore how breast cancer has impacted your body and emotions and gain tools for moving toward a sense of balance and control. Learn strategies for managing lingering side effects and coping with difficult and evolving emotions, and explore ways to practice self-love while navigating this period.