Frequently Asked Questions About Treatment for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

After a diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer, you may have the option of receiving systemic, or whole-body, treatment either before or after surgery. This 4-page FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions About Treatment for Early-Stage Breast Cancer, will help you discuss your choices with your healthcare team.

Learn more about

  • the goals, benefits and risks of neoadjuvant therapy, treatment given before surgery, versus adjuvant therapy, treatment given after surgery
  • tests that help your doctors decide whether to recommend neoadjuvant therapy
  • types of neoadjuvant treatment
  • common questions and concerns you may have about neoadjuvant therapy

This FAQ will

  • Provide you with information to answer your key questions on early-stage breast cancer
  • Prepare you for conversations with your surgeon on options before making treatment decisions

The  Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) helped write and review these Frequently Asked Questions. SSO represents over 2,700 surgical oncologists, doctors who receive special training in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer using surgery. Living Beyond Breast Cancer partnered with SSO and Genentech to develop this FAQ to help you and your doctors feel comfortable discussing all early-stage breast cancer treatment options.

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Article August 31, 2015