Guide to Understanding Lymphedema

2019, 6th Edition
Robin Warshaw, Contributing Writer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Guide to Understanding Lymphedemainfo-icon will help you learn how this chronicinfo-icon side effectinfo-icon develops, what your risks are, signs to watch for and what to do should you develop breast cancer-related lymphedema. This brochure offers you information about:

  • Risk factors and ways to reduce your risk for lymphedema
  • Signs and symptoms of breast cancer-related lymphedema
  • How to find lymphedema professionals
  • Things that triggerinfo-icon lymphedema
  • Treatments like Complete Decongestive Therapyinfo-icon (CDT), or manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)
  • Caring for lymphedema with compression garments and lifestyle changes
  • How lymphedema can impact your emotions
  • Paying for lymphedema care

This guide was written with help from a team of healthcare providers and women like you.

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