Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Managing Stress and Anxiety

2015, 2nd Edition
Robin Warshaw, Contributing Writer

This guide offers practical methods to help you lower the stressinfo-icon of ongoing treatment for metastaticinfo-icon breast cancer. Explore common feelings and choose from a variety of tools to help copeinfo-icon with uncertainty. In this brochure, you will learn:

We pay special attention to methods of self-care that help you cope with stress and anxietyinfo-icon: getting information when you want it, exercise and good personal connections. Other tools we explore are:

  • Spirtuality, relaxation techniques and yogainfo-icon
  • Creative arts, laughter and pets
  • Support groups and counselinginfo-icon
  • Professional counselors and online groups

This guide was written with the assistance of healthcare professionals and women living with metastatic breast cancer.