Insight, Spring 2017

The cover story of the spring 2017 issue of Insight explores fear of recurrence. Everyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer faces the fear of recurrence. For many it is an ongoing concern, and for some it can interfere with enjoying daily life. It is a normal reaction to having had cancer and knowing it may return. Through interviews with people who have had breast cancer and with medical experts, including Linda Abrams, PhD, and Gregory Garber, MSW, LCSW, this article can help you understand your fears and work through them.

Another feature, called "Navigators Can Help Steer You Through Breast Cancer Treatment," explains the importance of navigators,  who can help coordinate your breast cancer care between the many doctors and specialists you'll see.

This issue also features Lorelee Fuchs telling her story of how a clumsy puppy led her to get tested for, and to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Insight's "Giving" section provides "5 Easy Ways to Support LBBC," tells about LBBC's partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles and highlights a stylish DIY event. 

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