Insight, Spring 2018

Surgery is a common part of breast cancer treatment. Though it’s effective, the recovery that comes with it can be tough. Sore, tight, painful muscles, sensitive skin and fluid buildup in the surgery site can all be part of recovery. Learn more about recovering from breast cancer surgery in the cover story of the spring 2018 issue of Insight. The story features interviews with people who have had different types of breast cancer surgery and different experiences recovering from those surgeries. It also includes information from experts Margaret Rinehart Ayres, PT, PhD and surgical oncologist Ronda Henry-Tillman, MD.

Another article, called “Finding Calm: Using Meditation to Manage Cancer-Related Difficulties” explores how this ancient practice, which can include quiet sitting or lying down, regulated breathing, focus on visual or mental images, movement, and mantras or affirmations, can improve the lives of people affected by breast cancer.

This issue also features an article by Dianne Cooper-Byram, PhD. Since she was a young child, breast cancer has had a prominent role in Dianne and her family’s lives. Dianne writes about the front row view she’s had of how treatment of breast cancer and the culture around the disease has changed over the years.

As of January 1, Chico’s FAS chose LBBC as one of just two national charity partners. Insight's "Giving" section tells the story of this transformative partnership that goes back almost 15 years. This section also profiles Amy Lessack, who recently finished a term on LBBC’s board. Amy used LBBC as a resource after her own breast cancer diagnosis and became an incredible fundraiser for the organization, including as a Reach & Raise captain and as an honoree at our annual Butterfly Ball. Finally, this issue’s DIY spotlight highlights Amy Beth, a Denver woman who created a fitness challenge that raised over $1,000 for LBBC.

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