Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer, Winter 2017/2018


Our winter 2017/2018 issue of Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer looks at the financial cost of metastatic breast cancer, and how to pay for treatment that can seem impossible to afford. It features accounts from women who have faced financial issues because of metastatic breast cancer, and expertise from Joanna Morales, Esq, CEO of Triage Cancer, a national nonprofit providing education and resources for cancer survivorship, and associate professor of medicine at Duke University Yousuf Zafar, MD.

This issue also features a Q&A with Kathy Townsend, a volunteer in Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Community Connector program. Kathy talks about how metastatic breast cancer has affected her relationship with her husband and her children, and why volunteering is important to her. 

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