Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer, Winter 2018/2019

The Winter 2018/2019 issue of Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer features “Listen to Your Body: Staying Physically Active After a Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis.” We spoke to women who enjoy hiking, running, aerobic fitness classes and other activities about what how they had to adjust with diagnosis and treatment. We also spoke with the president of the American College of Sports Medicine, Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH, cancer exercise specialist Sami Mansfield, and breast oncologist Pallav K. Mehta, MD, about considerations and techniques for staying active.

This issue also features an interview with Susan Jacobson, PhD, a professor of journalism at Florida International University, who is researching misleading medical news. She discusses the dangers of false or misleading medical stories, why she got interested in studying misleading news, and why “fake medical news” happens.

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