Insight, Winter 2018/2019

In our final issue of Insight (Winter 2018/2019)we lead with “Challenges Treating Older Adults With Breast Cancer,” a look at how treatment differs for older people and ways to get the best care. We spoke with Rachel Freedman, MD, MPH, from Dana-Faber Cancer Institute in Boston and Arti Hurria, MD, director for Cancer and Aging at City of Hope National Medical Center in Los Angeles, about the decisions that go into treating older adults, why research shows less about this group, and how to speak with your doctor to get care that is appropriate for you.

Insight, Fall 2018

Headlines that proclaim what foods cause cancer and what foods prevent cancer are a common and frustrating part of health coverage. The cover story for the fall 2018 issue of Insight is “Eating Well After Diagnosisinfo-icon,” an article to help you get past the noise to important ways you can take care of your body through food choices in daily life. In the piece are interviews with women whose diagnosis pushed them to think more about their diet, along with input from experts Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN, a senior nutritionistinfo-icon at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, and Abby Wetzel, MS, RD, LDN,  a dietitianinfo-icon at Abramson Cancer Institute in Philadelphia.

Insight, Spring 2018

Surgery is a common part of breast cancer treatment. Though it’s effective, the recovery that comes with it can be tough. Sore, tight, painful muscles, sensitive skin and fluid buildup in the surgery site can all be part of recovery. Learn more about recovering from breast cancer surgery in the cover story of the spring 2018 issue of Insight. The story features interviews with people who have had different types of breast cancer surgery and different experiences recovering from those surgeries. It also includes expertise from healthcare providers.

Insight, Winter 2017/2018

Clinical trials are studies carried out in people to learn more about diseases, like breast cancer, and their treatments. But only 3 percent of adults with a cancer diagnosis participate in clinical trials. Learn more about clinical trials from the cover story of the winter 2017/2018 issue of Insight. The story features interviews with people who have participated in clinical trials, and with oncologist Lawrence Wickerham, MD, and program director Elly Cohen, PhD.

Insight, Fall 2017

If you're facing other medical conditions while getting treatment for breast cancer, you aren't alone. Those other conditions are called comorbidities, and they can affect your quality of life and what breast cancer treatments you receive. Learn more about comorbidities from the cover story of the fall 2017 issue of Insight. The story features interviews with people who have had multiple health issues at the same time as breast cancer, and with oncologist Gretchen G. Kimmick, MD, MS.

Insight, Summer 2017

The cover story of the summer 2017 issue of Insight explores how a mood or anxiety disorder can affect your experience with breast cancer. It is common to face breast cancer and a mood or anxiety disorder at the same time, and with proper care and coordination between your providers, you can learn to handle both issues. Through interviews with people who have had breast cancer and mood or anxiety disorders, and with medical experts, including psychologist Pamela Ginsberg, PhD, and oncologist Ruth Oratz, MD, FACP, this article sheds a light on how common a situation this is and provides practical tips for getting the care you need.

Insight, Spring 2017

The cover story of the spring 2017 issue of Insight explores fear of recurrence.

Another feature, called "Navigators Can Help Steer You Through Breast Cancer Treatment," explains the importance of navigators,  who can help coordinate your breast cancer care between the many doctors and specialists you'll see.

This issue also features Lorelee Fuchs telling her story of how a clumsy puppy led her to get tested for, and to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Insight, Winter 2016/2017

The cover story of the winter 2016/2017 issue of Insight takes a closer look at one of the most common breast cancer treatments. In "The Choice: When Is Chemotherapy the Right Treatment for Breast Cancer?" women who have had, or have avoided chemotherapy share their stories, and oncologist Pallav K. Mehta, MD talks about how doctors decide whether to recommend chemotherapy.

Fall 2016

Our fall 2016 cover story, “What the Cancer Moonshot Means for You,” provides a comprehensive look at what the U.S. Government is doing to advance cancer research and treatments as part of this new initiative.

Summer 2016

The summer 2016 issue of Insight is for, and about, caregivers. In our cover story, "Help for the Helpers: Why Caregivers Need Self-Care," caregivers share how they have, or haven't taken care of themselves while caring for a loved one, and healthcare professionals talk about how important it is for people caring for others to also care for themselves, and give tips on how to do that.

Spring 2016

“Using the Law to Make Change,” our feature story for the Spring 2016 issue of Insight, provides a fascinating overview of the role advocacy plays in shaping the way the general public sees breast cancer and how the medical community reacts to it.  Healthy eating experts Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD, Christine Zoumas, MS, RD and Stacy Kennedy, MP

Winter 2015 / 2016

The Winter 2015 / 2016 edition of Insight will give you a better understanding of radiation therapy, provide you with advice on finding emotional support after treatment ends and take you back in time as we prepare to recognize 25 years of service to people impacted by breast cancer.