Introduction and welcome

November 15, 2021

Watch time: 2 min

Living Beyond Breast Cancer in partnership with the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation created a video series featuring women diagnosed with breast cancer, along with mental health experts, to help you care for yourself and thrive when you finish active treatment. In these videos you will learn about tools for processing your emotions, making meaning, accepting your changed body, and managing fear of recurrence.

This video series is for people diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to create a world that understands there is more than one way to have breast cancer. For 30 years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer has imparted wisdom and connection via conferences, events, a peer-to-peer helpline, and more. Today, we remain committed to creating a culture of acceptance—where sharing the diversity of the lived experience of breast cancer fosters self-advocacy and hope. Learn more about our programs and services. 

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation strives to be a credible source for triple negative breast cancer information, a catalyst for science and patient advocacy and a caring community with meaningful services for patients and their families. 

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