Expert Videos

Difficult Decisions: Breast Reconstruction

One of the complex choices you may have to make is about breast reconstruction--if you want to have it, when you may want to have it, and what kind of reconstruction is best for you.

Running on Empty: Fed Up with Fatigue

Cancer-related fatigue can take a toll on every aspect of your life – your mind, body and lifestyle.

A Powerful Trio of Wellness

Three key areas that can have an impact on quality of life are exercise, nutrition and the mind/body connection.

Sex & Intimacy

Loss of sexual desire, or diminished, painful or absent sensations? Gain effective strategies for managing the impact of treatment on arousal and sexual function

Keeping Cancer at Bay: What Researchers Are Learning About Recurrence

Learn what we know about why breast cancer recurs, which tests doctors use to monitor you for recurrence and what you can do if you are at a high risk for recurrence.

Using Integrative Medicine to Manage Symptoms and Side Effects

Pain, insomnia and fatigue, hot flashes, depression and anxiety, memory issues, neuropathy, sexual problems and loss of appetite are just some of the common side effects of breast cancer treatment.