How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

A Twitter Chat, also known as a tweet chat, is an online conversation in which moderators and participants use the popular social media platform Twitter to discuss a topic using a hashtag (#) that threads the conversation. The hashtag for our Twitter Chat is  #LBBCchat.

After you sign up for a free Twitter account*, you can either: 

  • go to the top right-hand corner to the search bar on Twitter and enter “#LBBCchat” then click "Latest"  to view the chat’s thread in real time 
  • go to LBBC’s Twitter page on the date of the Twitter Chat and click the hyperlinked #LBBCchat and then click "Latest" to view the chat’s thread in real time 
  • use one of the following free Twitter Chat applications to view and participate

*If you do not wish to sign up for a Twitter account, you can still watch the Twitter Chat by going to LBBC’s Twitter page or looking at the thread,  #LBBCchat.

If you are new to tweeting and Twitter Chats, you may want to simply observe our program. However, we encourage you to participate and engage in our chat and with our panelists.

 Here are some tips for participating: 

  • Be as brief as possible when you tweet. We suggest this because Twitter has a 140-character limit. Use abbreviations and if you include URLs in your messaging, use a free tool, such as tinyURL, which shortens lengthy URLs to preserve your character count. 
  • Try to keep your tweets and retweet (RT), Twitter’s function or style of resharing another user’s tweet, to a minimum for the first 40 minutes. This will allow more people to participate, as well as make it easier for audience members to follow the chat. Feel free to RT or “favorite” tweets you like; it may attract more people to the conversation. 
  • Please be patient with us and our panelists. We may not be able to get to your questions right away during the first part of the program. We will do our best to respond and will make every effort to get your questions answered during the audience Q&A. 
  • During the audience Q&A, tweet us your questions. We will “quote” your tweet or RT it for our panelists to respond. If you are uncomfortable asking your Twitter question or do not wish to be retweeted, please email your questions to with the subject line “#LBBCchat question.” 
  • If you’re replying to a tweeter or the first word of your tweet is a user name, place a period at the beginning of the tweet (example: “.@LivingBeyondBC”). Putting a period first allows everyone to see your tweets. If you don’t include the period, only people who follow you and the user you’re tweeting will see your tweet.
  • If you get confused or lose your place in the Twitter Chat, go to LBBC’s Twitter page. This may make it easier to follow the thread, especially if you are not using a Twitter Chat application. 

 Here are additional online resources for participating in Twitter Chats: