Social Media Fundraising

Are you looking for a simple way to support people impacted by breast cancer? Fundraising through social media is a great way to reach people you know and ask for their support.  Over the past year more than 260 people have raised over $63,000 through Facebook and Instagram to help those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  

Through Facebook or Instagram, you can quickly set up a way to invite all of your contacts to donate to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Getting started is easy; our step-by-step videos show you how. 

Fundraise on FacebookFacebook is a great way to set up a longer-term event, for several days or even a month!  It gives you the opportunity to include photos, tell your story, and give frequent updates.  You can set a goal and track fundraising, post updated information, and tag friends who have donated.

Facebook took care of all the details, even gave me an example of what to write and provided reminders to contact friends and to thank donors!  This is a great way to highlight LBBC on your facebook page.  - Kim Jennings

Fundraise on InstagramInstagram fundraising works through stories and is the opportunity to be short but sweet, as  you share images and ask people for their support.

And remember: social media fundraising doesn’t just help raise money – it’s also a great way for people to find out about all the programs and services that Living Beyond Breast Cancer has to offer.  Thanks in advance for your support.