Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Shop to Support


What is Shop to Support?

Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Shop to Support program is an opportunity for us to celebrate the businesses that are supporting people who have a breast cancer diagnosis. We list all of our partner businesses on the Shop to Support section of the Living Beyond Breast Cancer website at LBBC.ORG.

How Do I Get Listed on the Shop to Support Section of LBBC.ORG?

All businesses are welcome to participate in Shop to Support. This is where our constituents go to make sure you are legitimately working to support people who have a breast cancer diagnosis.

Many businesses offer a month-long sale or promotion, others have special shopping days or other events, like a dinner or a fashion show.

We invite all of our Shop to Support partners to participate throughout the year, beyond Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

All of our listed partners commit to donating at least $250 this calendar year. All sales and accounting are managed by the business. LBBC does not have e-commerce or other sales tools.

How Do I Make the Most of Participating in Shop to Support?

Shop to Support partners are the most successful when they have their own advertising or promotion campaign associated with promoting the partnership. Our listing reinforces and validates your efforts. Some consumers will purchase through the link on our site when they have confirmed that there is a reciprocal relationship. You’ll get most of your success from your promotion of your participation to your customers.

What Will LBBC Do for My Organization?

Each business that commits to support LBBC received a unique page in the Shop to Support section of the web site with brief promotional copy. Some businesses provide a link to their website or purchasing system. Some choose to include downloadable documents about their product, service or event.  

All businesses who enter into agreements with Living Beyond Breast Cancer will be granted use of the logo (with LBBC approval) for promotions.

Businesses that commit to highest levels of giving will

  • be featured in our national e-blasts;
  • be included in posts on official LBBC social media channels;
  • be invited to write an educational blog post. 

 How Else Can My Business Get Involved?

Helping people who have a breast cancer diagnosis is a year-round effort. We encourage our business partners to collaborate on all of our activities.

Our annual fundraising gala, The Butterfly Ball, is in October each year.

  • Partners may offer auction items and guest gift bag items.
  • Partners may purchase tickets to attend and may be event sponsors. 

Our annual conferences convene hundreds of people affected by breast cancer.

  • Partners may exhibit their products or services.

Reach & Raise yoga events draw thousands of men and women who support people who have been affected by breast cancer.

  • Partners may provide promotional materials or giveaways.
  • Partners may form teams of fundraisers and sponsor the events.

 Are There Any Companies That LBBC Doesn’t Work With?

Please note that LBBC will not consider doing business with any entity that:

  • Discriminates against any individuals or groups based on race, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status or sexual orientation;
  • Promotes or encourages the use of tobacco, in any form, for personal consumption;
  • Promotes or encourages the excessive use of alcohol;
  • Promotes or encourages the use of illegal drugs or abuse of prescription medication;
  • Uses profanity, racial epithets, ethnic slurs, derogatory or misogynistic language in any of its promotion or marketing.