One Toothless

Lynn 4 a Cure
About My Memoir: 

I made this mixed media painting while I was trying to wrap myself around my MBC diagnosis.

When I made the painting, I was thinking that I needed to be hopeful, but it’s unfounded hope when there’s no cure. My hope is that someday there will be a cure for others represented by “Hopes Riding.” “One Toothless“ represents that the hope for me is in vain.

Because my life will be shortened by MBC, I am pulling every golden opportunity out of my bag each and every day. The red represents my love of life and family. Green represents my love of nature and all living things. 

Advice for Others with Metastatic Breast Cancer: 

No one knows how long we have, but staying positive has worked best for me.

Why I’m a Hear My Voice Volunteer: 

It has taken me from holding everything inside to being able to share my story where I know it will make a difference.

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