Guide to Understanding Intimacy and Sexuality

2019, 4th Edition
Jo Cavallo

Our Guide to Understanding Intimacy and Sexualityinfo-icon offers an in-depth, candid discussion of the many ways that breast cancer diagnosisinfo-icon and treatment can impact your sexual life. Menopausal symptoms, treatment side effects and changes to your breasts and body can lessen your sexual desire, and the emotional strain that comes from those changes can make it hard to enjoy the physical pleasure of your relationships.

You may find that your healthcare providers don’t discuss the details of sexual and intimacy issues related to breast cancer as much as you’d like, or they may not talk about them at all. The Guide to Understanding Intimacy and Sexuality explains the types of treatments and side effects that may impact your sexual life both physically and emotionally, and offers practical advice for preserving or rediscovering it. Explore how to talk to your healthcare providers and partner about concerns, and how to handle talking about your diagnosis with new partners if you start to date after treatment.

The guide includes the experiences of single and partnered people, people of all sexual orientations, and women of all ages.

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