#KnowStageIV Resources

Please find resources below to help you promote the #KnowStageIV campaign on Monday, September 18! The goal is to get people to share our messages on social media and to direct them to our #KnowStageIV campaign page where they can read blogs and take further action. 

#KnowStageIV is a one day campaign. Please wait until the morning of Monday, September 18 to share your posts or change your profile picture. This will help us generate buzz during this one day campaign! 

  • Fact Tiles for Social Media: Use the images below to create your own posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Simply click on the Fact Tile that you'd like to use and a new window should appear. Save the image and then use it in your post. Be sure to include #KnowStageIV. Or if you prefer, you can follow us and share and re-tweet our messages. See sample messages below to use with the tiles. 
  • Sample Messages for Social Media: Below the images, you will find a link to a document with sample messages that you can use on social media. Feel free to personalize to your own voice and remember to include #KnowStageIV! 
  • Infographic: Like the Fact Tiles, you can use this image in your posts if you like. Click on the thumbnail to open the full size image to save and use. 
  • Blogs for Social Media: go to our campaign page and find the blog you want to share. Click on the blog and then click on one of the Social Media Icons on the right side of your screen, this will generate an automatic link to the blog in your social media post.
  • Use the Twibbon - Change Your Profile Pic: Last, but not least, please change your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to our #KnowStageIV filter by following these simple steps: 
  1. Go to our Facebook Page 
  2. Click on the pinned post at the top of the page
  3. It will ask you to login with Facebook or Twitter, first choose Facebook.
  4. Click “Log in with Facebook” and keep the box checked ‘Also post a message of support to my timeline’ This is how you share it with your friends and followers.
  5. Enter your username and password
  6. Allow it access 
  7. When it create your picture, choose ‘Set as my profile picture’. 
  8. If you'd like to change your Twitter profile, go to @LivingBeyondBC twitter profile then follow the above steps. 

Thanks for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Kendra Lawton-Ajuba at klawton@lbbc.org


Fact Tiles for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
















Infographic for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter