Living with a history of triple-negative breast cancer

November 15, 2021

Watch time: 22 min 
Melissa Berry and Valerie Blackwell-Howard, two women diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, discuss their diagnosis, life after treatment, and how they have each moved forward while living with a history of TNBC. 


Melissa Berry is the founder of Cancer Fashionista and someone who has been treated for triple-negative breast cancer. Melissa struggled to look and feel her best during such a difficult chapter of her life, which included chemotherapy and surgery. She began scouring the internet for beauty tips and tricks to help manage the appearance-related side effects of her experience, as well as for niche products that would help with her recovery from treatment. Melissa kept track of the best advice and items that she found and started the Cancer Fashionista blog to share her recommendations with other women facing similar diagnoses. Read more

Valerie Blackwell-Howard was diagnosed with stage II, triple-negative breast cancer in late 2017. After finishing treatment, Valerie’s sister urged her to attend an even she found online, the 2018 Living Beyond Breast Cancer Conference: Sharing Wisdom, Sharing Strength, which was supported by the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. Inspired by the connections she made with other women at the conference and the stories they shared, Valerie got involved as a patient advocate and in 2019 received the Courage Award from the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. Read more

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