Making sense, making meaning after a breast cancer diagnosis

November 15, 2021

Watch time: 11 min 

What does “getting back to normal” look like after a breast cancer diagnosis? How do you make sense of what has happened and what does the way forward look like? These are common questions many women have after treatment is completed. Eucharia Borden, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C, senior director of health equity with the Cancer Support Community, will unpack these questions and provide you with tips on how to process the impact of your experience. She'll share how acknowledging what’s happened to you can create strength, growth, and purpose going forward. 


Eucharia Borden, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C, FAOSW, is senior director of health equity at the Cancer Support Community. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring that CSC headquarters’ research, program, policy, and operations integrate relevant components of health equity, inclusion, and social determinants of health across all activities. She also works with the leadership of the Institute for Excellence in Psychosocial Care to inform the CSC Affiliate Network (including healthcare partners) on best practices in health equity. Read more.

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Coping with breast cancer does't have to happen alone. Breast Cancer Helpline,, 888.753.522. Get support from people who've been there.