Gemcitabineinfo-icon (Gemzar) is an antimetaboliteinfo-icon chemotherapyinfo-icon medicineinfo-icon used alone or with other agents to treat metastaticinfo-icon breast cancer. Gemcitabine may also be called gemcitabine hydrochloride.

How Gemcitabine Works

Gemcitabineinfo-icon works by interfering with the way DNA and RNA develop inside cancer cells. This medicineinfo-icon is similar to a normal substance inside cells, but different enough to interfere with the way cells normally divide and work.

Side Effects and Things to Remember

Side effects may include:

Before starting gemcitabineinfo-icon, be sure to tell your doctor about any medicines you are taking, including vitamins, herbal supplements and over-the-counterinfo-icon medicines. You will have regular blood tests while receiving gemcitabine. You should avoid becoming pregnant and breast-feeding while you are taking it.

Your doctor, pharmacistinfo-icon or nurseinfo-icon can help you manage your side effects. You can also go to our section on Side Effects for more information.

August 31, 2015
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