Megestrol Acetate

Megestrolinfo-icon acetate is a progestininfo-icon hormonal therapyinfo-icon. Progestins are human-made medicines that act like the natural hormoneinfo-icon progesteroneinfo-icon.

Megestrol acetate is the only FDAinfo-icon approved medicineinfo-icon in this class that is used to treat metastaticinfo-icon breast cancer or its symptoms. In addition to treating the cancer, megestrol acetate can be used to help grow your appetite.

Who Gets Megestrol Acetate

Megestrolinfo-icon acetate is given to women with metastaticinfo-icon breast cancer that continued to grow despite treatment with other hormonal therapies.

How Megestrol Acetate Is Given

Megestrolinfo-icon acetate is given as a pill or as liquid, usually once per day, but it may also be given in smaller doses to be taken at regular times during the day.

Side Effects and Things to Remember

Possible side effects are:

Megestrolinfo-icon acetate increases the risk of blood clots. Call your doctor right away if you have sudden swelling in your leg, or shortness of breath and chest pain.

August 31, 2015
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