Popular Yoga Styles

We list these styles in alphabetical order, to help you understand the terms you may hear as you search for classes.


A style for experienced yogis that is equally physical and mental. Breath is coordinated with the movements from one pose to the next. Poses are pre-planned in specific order.


Rigorous 26-pose practice, done in pre-planned order in a 105-degree room. Not recommended after breast cancer surgeryinfo-icon.


Blanket term for a physical yogainfo-icon class that requires quick transitions between poses.


Blanket term for a physical yogainfo-icon practice.


Focuses on aligning the body in specific poses, rather than the flow from pose to pose. Uses props to tailor each pose to your ability.


Gentle practice focused on flexibility. Uses props, such as blocks or straps. Poses are held for long periods. A calming practice.


Adapted to the needs of attendees. No pre-planned poses. 


Focuses on movement into and out of poses, using breath to move from one pose to the next. Usually involves poses called Sun Salutations, which are not recommended after a breast cancer diagnosisinfo-icon


Slow practice with poses held for long periods that work the connective tissues, often in the lower body. A gentle yet intense practice. The deep stretching in this practice may be risky after breast cancer surgeryinfo-icon, so talk with your providers.

October 9, 2018