Side Effects and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

All treatments for breast cancer can cause side effects, but they vary from person to person. In treatments for triple-negative breast cancerinfo-icon, we don’t know why some experience difficult side effects while others have mild or no problems.

It is always tempting to compare our experiences to those of others. Remember, just because someone else had side effects on the therapyinfo-icon your doctor recommends for you doesn’t mean you will have the same troubles.

Prepare yourself for side effects by learning about them. Knowing what you might encounter helps you note symptoms quickly, so you can promptly tell your healthcare team. By getting help, you may have a better day-to-day life.

In this section, learn more about side effects connected to treatments for triple-negative breast cancer. For more details about what you can find in this section, look at the navigation on the left.

April 18, 2018