Second opinions on metastatic breast cancer

You can choose to have a second opinion about your care at any time. Because treatment for metastaticinfo-icon breast cancer is ongoing, a second opinion may give you a fresh perspective from another doctor, or offer new treatment options. You may wish to get second opinions at various times during the course of your treatment.

You might especially want a second opinion if:

  • the cancer grows or spreads
  • you want to see a doctor or specialistinfo-icon with more knowledge of new approaches to metastatic breast cancer
  • treatment stops working and a new treatment is suggested
  • no treatment is suggested
  • you are not getting relief for side effects
  • you want to find better access to clinicalinfo-icon trials for metastatic breast cancer
  • you feel unsatisfied with your care, treatment or answers you are getting from your doctors

When you go for a second opinion, take a list of questions to help you get the information you need. 

August 31, 2015
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