Hormonal therapy for metastatic breast cancer

If you had breast cancer in the past and it was hormone-receptor positive,  it is likely the metastasisinfo-icon will be hormoneinfo-icon-receptorinfo-icon positive as well. Your medical oncologistinfo-icon may recommend you get a biopsyinfo-icon, or sample, of one or more of the sites of metastasis to check for hormone receptors. This helps confirm the hormone receptorinfo-icon status did not change from the original tumorinfo-icon.

In 2014, the American Society of Clinical Oncology released standard guidelines for women with hormone receptor-positive stage IV breast cancerinfo-icon. These guidelines recommend hormonal therapyinfo-icon be offered as the first treatment, when possible, for metastaticinfo-icon disease. Your doctors will likely offer hormonal therapy as long as it works at shrinking or controlling the cancer and does not cause you discomfort. There are several types of hormonal therapy, and you may be switched from one to another over time if one medicineinfo-icon stops working against the cancer.

The hormonal therapy or therapies you use will be based on your menopausal status. Therapies available for hormone-sensitive metastatic breast cancer are:

Premenopausalinfo-icon and Perimenopausalinfo-icon


August 31, 2015