Dealing With Uncertainty

When frequent doctors’ visits come to an end, you may worry about every new ache or pain. Feeling unsure about whether your treatment worked can make you feel helpless or scared. Since there’s no long-term treatment for triple-negative breast cancerinfo-icon, you may worry you aren’t doing anything to protect yourself. Questions about cancer coming back or becoming metastaticinfo-icon may distract you.   

Here are some ways to help you feel more in control of your health:

  • Pay attention to your body. You know your body better than anyone.
  • Go to regular follow-up visits with your doctor.
  • Exercise and eat well.
  • If you have a new pain that persists and lasts longer than two weeks, bring it to your doctor’s attention. If your doctor doesn’t listen, get a second opinion.
  • Remind yourself you did all you could to treat the cancer.

Despite everything you do to protect yourself, you may struggle with your emotions. You have a right to your feelings. You have been through a traumainfo-icon, and you are dealing with the possibility that cancer could return. Talk with your providers before treatment ends about the cause of your emotions as you look ahead.

April 18, 2018

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