DIY Spotlight: Concept2 Versus Cancer

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April 4, 2018
LBBC Advancement Staff

Who: Amy Beth, 54, Denver, Colorado

What: Concept2 versus Cancer Fitness Challenge: A 1,000-meter sprint ski machine competition followed by a team half marathon on rowing machines

When:November 12, 2017

Where: Adam Harris Fitness, Denver, Colorado

Amount raised for LBBC: Over $1,000   

Total attendees: 16

Amy, who finished chemotherapy for stage II hormone receptor-positive breast cancer a month before the event, says, “Throughout my treatment, I have been fortunate to have tons of support from my partner, family, friends and co-workers. One indispensable supporter throughout treatment has been my personal trainer, Adam Harris. I trained with Adam the day before every chemo cycle and I know for a fact that pushing my body and feeling alive while working out with him is what got me out of bed the next morning and ready to face another round of chemo. It was Adam’s idea to host Concept2 versus Cancer in my honor and my idea to donate the proceeds to LBBC. It was a perfect combination to have two key components of my recovery come together in one fun event. The 3-hour workout ended with food and beer and an amazing feeling of family and support.”

Interested in hosting a Do-It-Yourself event in support of LBBC? To find out more, click here or contact Jessica Betts.

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