New Resources Help LGBT People Get the Care They Need

July 1, 2015

Our newest guide and online content address the roles of sexual orientation and gender identity in breast cancer care. We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new publication and enhanced online content designed for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people affected by breast cancer.


Breast Cancer inFocus: Getting the Care You Need as a Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual Person is the first in a planned series of publications being produced by LBBC that recognize the concerns of underserved populations relating to breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and care. In addition, LBBC.ORG now features content addressing the role sexual orientation or gender identity can play for those diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers.

“While all of LBBC’s resources are created to be as inclusive and respectful as possible to the people we serve,” said CEO Jean A. Sachs, MSS, MLSP, “we felt it was especially important to acknowledge the concerns of those affected by breast cancer who identify as LGBT.”

According to Digital Media Specialist Josh Fernandez, who wrote the guide with input from a team of care professionals, advocates and LGB people impacted by breast cancer, this new publication will provide readers with “tips and strategies to find and communicate with health providers sensitive to LGB needs.”

Fernandez added that while writing the guide, our team decided that in order to “best meet the needs specific to trans people in a more comprehensive way” online content would be introduced to address those issues.

“We know that for many people, accessing care and emotional support can be a difficult process following a breast cancer diagnosis,” Sachs concluded. “Our goal with these resources is to reinforce that LBBC is an ally of the LGBT community. We are here to provide anyone in need with information and support.”

Learn more, download a PDF or order a print version of the guide.