Survey on Sexuality Throughout Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Open Research Studies
November 12, 2015
Nicole Katze, MA

Researchers from Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania seek women to take an online survey about their satisfaction, concerns, beliefs and ideas about their sexuality throughout diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.

Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, PhD, LCSW, CST and Linda Houser, PhD ask that you complete this 20-30 minute online survey by following the link below. Your answers will be confidential and will not be linked with you in any way.

Drs. Pillai-Friedman and Houser hope the findings of this study will generate information about how women deal with sexuality throughout diagnosis and treatment, and help to educate healthcare providers, women with breast cancer, caregivers and the general public about sexual adjustment during the breast cancer experience. The study is approved by the Institutional Review Board of Widener University, a group responsible for ensuring the study is well designed, legal, ethical, does not involve unnecessary risks and protects the safety of participants.

Get more information, or take the survey.

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