Tell Me More – November 6, 2016 – Living Beyond Breast Cancer with Integrative Care from Dr. Pallav Mehta

November 7, 2016
Emily Scheivert

Increasingly, science is supporting the fact that a whole person approach to cancer holds the greatest promise for good outcomes and better quality of life once treatment has ended.   Your lifestyle has an effect on the most common types of cancer including breast cancer.   Research shows that you are not stuck with your genetic history: your choices in diet, exercise, and even relationships can help determine whether or not your genes promote cancer.

Dr. Pallav K. Mehta is a medical oncologist and the director of integrative oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper. Dr. Mehta has developed a broad integrative medicine initiative aimed at people with cancer. He will be one of the panelists at Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s upcoming discussion and live streaming event “Treating the Whole You: Integrative Care and Breast Cancer” on Tuesday, November 15 at 5:30pm at the Chemical Heritage Foundation located at 315 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.

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