Why Living Beyond Breast Cancer Raises Its Voice and Elevates the Voices of Others

LBBC Viewpoints
November 14, 2019
Catherine Ormerod, MSS, MLSP Vice President, Programs and Partnerships, Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Our mission calls us to provide trusted information and a supportive community to those diagnosed with stage IV, or metastatic, breast cancer, the stage of cancer that cannot be cured, only treated with powerful therapies. 

To achieve our mission, we focus on the women and men with this disease. We create information that helps them live with the uncertainty, the side effects, and the soul-shaking reality of a disease that takes the lives of 116 people a day – members of our community. 

We facilitate the creation of community: a space where people who understand can meet to provide support, where they can discuss the realities of living in treatment, organize to change the public conversation , and influence scientific advances and approaches to treatment. 

We provide advocacy opportunities to help people find their voice and then raise it to transform their and the public’s relationship with metastatic breast cancer.  The status quo is unacceptable.

The staff at Living Beyond Breast Cancer understand the urgency of finding a cure and changing the status quo because we were taught by the best: the 31 members of the first Hear My Voice metastatic outreach program led by Beth Caldwell and Jenny Grimes. The members of each subsequent class have confirmed this lesson because they are mothers, fathers, spouses, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, aunts, and friends and they have no time to wait. They demand immediate action. They demand seats at the tables where decisions are made. 

We support our volunteers.
We raise our voice because this disease takes the lives of too many women and men we know and love and so many more.   

Learn more about our I Raise My Voice campaign. 

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