Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant

Breast cancer treatment can be very expensive, especially if you have little or no insurance. In addition to your medical expenses, there are many other expenses like transportation, loss of income, co-pays and others that can out a stress on you and your household.  

Living Beyond Breast Cancer, provides small quality of life grants to those affected by breast cancer in the Greater Philadelphia region to help provide some relief. 

It’s your generosity and kind words that really got me through this. I was at the point where my choices were food or rent. Then there you were. Words aren’t enough. You were the light in my darkest hour. THANK YOU!

Grant Status

The Cis B Golder Quality of Life Grant is currently closed. Living Beyond Breast Cancer will reopen our financial assistance program in September 2019. For more information about the Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s financial assistance program, please contact us at

This grant may be used for the following types of expenses:

  • Rent, mortgage or utilities
  • Upon consideration:
    • Groceries, child care, personal care or needs, and respite care
    • Wellness promotion services, like nutrition management, physical fitness and physical therapy 

Grant funds, if awarded, are paid directly to services or vendors. No grant money is given directly to the applicant. The average grant provided is $750 per person. This is not an emergency fund. Grants are generally processed within 8 weeks of submission.

Eligibility for the GrantTo ensure we reach as many individuals as possible, we will award grants one-time only to those in need. In order to receive a grant, you must be:

  • Diagnosed with breast cancer (priority will be given to those in active treatment* or living with metastatic breast cancer)
  • A resident of the Greater Philadelphia region (In Pennsylvania: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia and Montgomery counties; In New Jersey: Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties)

*Living Beyond Breast Cancer defines active treatment as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and targeted therapies. We do not consider long-term hormonal therapies such as tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors active treatment.


About Cis B. GolderCis Golder served as a dedicated volunteer for Living Beyond Breast Cancer for more than a decade. She was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer three times. Despite the toll breast cancer took on her life, Cis remained positive and passionate about helping others. She especially cared about families without the means to get the help they need during and after breast cancer treatment. When Cis passed away in May 2006, her family, friends, and LBBC created the grant program to carry on her legacy.

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The TuTu Project of The Carey Foundation has provided a generous donation that will aid in expanding our grant program to hospital systems across the country. To learn more about The Carey Foundation visit