2016 Living Beyond Breast Cancer Conference Resources


Please find a list of sessions that have resources available from our Annual Fall Conference Individual Treatments, Shared Experiences held September 23-25, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Click on the links below to view the resources from that session. 

Keynote Presentations
Healthy Eating for Everyday LifePallav K. Mehta, MD and Dr. Ro, America's Nutrition Coach

In this special presentation, Pallav K. Mehta, MD shares current research on the role nutrition plays in breast cancer and "America's Nutrition Coach", Dr. Ro, discusses practical tips to make healthy eating an everyday habit.

Inside Out: Building Better Body ImageSabitha Pillai-Friedman, PhD, LCSW, CST

The relationship we have with our bodies is a complicated one, made even more complex by a breast cancer diagnosis. Learn about the issues that influence body image before, during and after breast cancer, hear about ways to improve self-love and acceptance, discuss your concerns and share go-to tips with others.

Building and Restoring Physical Fitness After Breast CancerJoni Miller, PT, DPT, CLT and Brianna Obert, MSPT, CLT, RYT

Research shows exercise can make you feel more energetic and ease side effects. Explore the benefits of exercise before, during and after breast cancer treatment and hear about safe ways to maintain strength and flexibility and improve overall strength and wellbeing.

Breakout Sessions
A Medical Update Just for You: Hormone Receptor-Positive & HER2-Positive Breast CancerJennifer L. Armstrong, MD
Paoli Hematology/ Oncology Associates

This session provides a look at the latest targeted therapy research and help you understand how it applies to your own care and ongoing health concerns. Learn to navigate your treatment options and live well during and after breast cancer.

A Medical Update Just for You: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Melinda Telli, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine

As someone diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, you may have specific concerns about treatment options, chemotherapy side effects and risk of recurrence. During this session, explore your unique needs as you cope with TNBC, gain insight into promising new research and learn how you can influence the future of care for people with triple-negative disease.

A Medical Update Just for You: Metastatic Breast CancerElizabeth Comen, MD
Medical Oncologist
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Learn about the latest metastatic breast cancer research and hear about the breakthroughs that are increasing treatment options for stage IV disease.  

 Genetic Testing Today: What Genes Can Tell Us
Kara N. Maxwell, MD, PhD
Instructor of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

This session will help you understand genetic risk for breast cancer and the process for genetic counseling. Learn about the pros and cons of genetic testing and how test results can help you make informed treatment decisions.

Survivorship: Living Your Best LifeJacci Thompson-Dodd, MA, MSSS, LASW, OSW-C
Founder & CEO
WeSpeakLoudly, LLC

Living with a history of breast cancer can impact your emotional, physical and everyday life after diagnosis. Explore this new chapter and gain new insights on being a Thriver after breast cancer.

A Panel Perspective: Breast ReconstructionR. Brannon Claytor, MD, FACS
Plastic Surgeon
Claytor/Noone Plastic Surgery Institute

William L. Scarlett, DO, FACS, FACOS, FAACS
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Bucks County Aesthetic Center

Breast reconstruction is a personal and complex choice. This session features a Q&A discussion between plastic surgeons that use today’s top breast reconstruction techniques and women who have made decisions about rebuilding their breasts. 

Survivorship: Managing Long-term Physical Side EffectsLori Ranallo, RN, MSN, ARNP-BC, CBCN
Breast Oncology Nurse Practitioner
University of Kansas Cancer Center

Breast cancer treatment can have a long standing impact on your health and well-being. From weight gain to fatigue, lymphedema to bone health, this session provides an update on the latest methods to manage these long-term physical side effects, and more. 

From the Lab to the Clinic: What You Need to Know About FDA ApprovalJoe Reynolds, PhD
Clinical Science and Drug Development

Nicholas K. Tonks, PhD, FRS
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Have you ever wondered how a medicine makes it from clinical trials to the market?  Learn about the FDA approval process, the challenges it faces and what you can do to accelerate approval and access for all.