How Clinical Trials Are Advancing Our Understanding of MBC

Clinical trials over the last 50 years have led to the approval of new treatments and changed the management of breast cancer, typically first in the metastatic setting and then in earlier stage breast cancer (called adjuvant therapy). These advances have improved outcomes for many affected by breast cancer, creating the largest group of cancer survivors in the US. However, up to 30 percent of those with a history of breast cancer may go on to experience a disease recurrence and develop metastatic disease, sometimes many years after the initial diagnosis. MBC presents new challenges in breast cancer treatment and the only way to improve outcomes for MBC is through clinical trials. This session will explore some of the challenges and opportunities for clinical trials in MBC. 

Join this session to learn the basic structure of clinical trials, the importance of trial design, and translational research in MBC; some of the challenges in conducting clinical trials that are unique to MBC; the challenges and opportunities in research biopsies; new tools to find clinical trials and what you can do to advance science in MBC.

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